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  • BlackBerry Cutting More Jobs, Including Device Team May 23, 2015
    BlackBerry announced another round of job cuts on Friday, this time affecting those behind making the company's smartphones and mobile applications. BlackBerry did not say how many employees will lose their jobs, nor in which facilities, but said the cuts will reach its operations across the globe. In April BlackBerry said it might close a facility in S
  • Sprint to Launch LG G4 On June 5 May 22, 2015
    Sprint today announced launch details regarding the LG G4 smartphone, which will be available in stores and online beginning June 5. Sprint is offering a wide range of purchasing options for the phone. First, via the Sprint Lease the G4 will be available for $0 followed by $18 per month for 24 months. At the end of the lease, customers can turn the G4 in for
  • Google Delivering Project Fi Invites Slowly May 22, 2015
    Google's Project Fi, its WiFi-and-cellular wireless offering, is moving forward slowly. Google emailed those who signed up for the project and said it won't be able to accommodate everyones' requests for months. "Over the past few weeks, we've been happy to bring the first customers onto Project Fi and the initial feedback has been v

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is actually the most successful Android phone of all time and despite the coming of subsequent flagship smartphones from various smartphone makers in the following years, it continues to hold its own in terms of features and specifications, not to mention durability.

My main device is a Samsung S3 because the low replacement cost, I do not need insurance or a case. The picture quality  from the 8GB camera is the one thing pushing me to update.

Samsung S3 photo

Samsung S3 photo of me holding a fish I caught in the from the lake.

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Verizon argues unlimited data is bad for customers

posted by Admin 5:59 AM
Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Verizon wireless is that unlimited data is bad. Then why did they offer it before? The only reason is they can not bill for the data, if they could charge for overages or higher data plans then it would be okay to use as much data as you want.
My bill is  around $70 on my old plan with unlimited data but on the new plans I would pay $250 a month. Verizon would not complain but I am using the same amount of data just paying more.
Verizon slows my MiFi hotspot when I stream movies from certain sites not all only the ones. That would only mean they are monitoring my usage, another reason this Net Neutrality is a big issue with me. I buy my equipment at full retail or used so I can keep my plans, I will never change unless forced too.

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Walmart Drops Price Of iPhone 6 And 6 Plus By $50 for 12/13/14

posted by Admin 6:49 AM
Sunday, December 14, 2014

If you want to buy an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6 Plus soon, then you should strongly consider Walmart. According to Bloomberg, Walmart is now selling the 16GB iPhone 6 Plus for $229 (discounted from $279) and the iPhone 6 for $129 (discounted from $179). The deals are available in Walmart retail stores, but not its website Walmart said it was dropping prices to celebrate the “last number-sequential date this century” (12/13/14).

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Sprint New Plan is not as good of a deal for existing customers.

posted by Admin 6:51 AM
Saturday, September 20, 2014

Since taking over as Sprint CEO, Marcelo Claure has been applauded for his aggressive efforts to turn the the company’s declining fortunes around. Though he has only been on the job since Aug. 11, Claure had made major changes, including eliminating the confusing “Framily” pricing plan, launching the innovative “iPhone for Life” deal, and introducing simplified, cheaper family plans.

The linchpin of that strategy is the company’s Sprint Family Share Pack, which offers up to 10 lines for $100, according to the television commercials touting it. “Whether you have a family of two, four, or 10,” the commercial states, “switch your whole family to Sprint. You’ll only pay 100 bucks a month.”

This claim is reinforced by bold graphics that detail how subscribers to the plan will get unlimited talk and text and 20GB of data to share. The spot goes on to tout how the data offered is twice that of rivals AT&T , Verizon , and T-Mobile .


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T-Mobile is the first to have an App to unlock your phone.

posted by Admin 3:24 PM
Saturday, August 9, 2014

One week after President Obama signed a phone-unlocking bill into law, T-Mobile has responded by becoming the first American carrier to launch its own unlocking app. Modestly titled Device Unlock, the app debuted on Friday in the Google Play store, though it comes with one major limitation: It only unlocks the Samsung Galaxy Avant, a lower-specced offering that launched in late July exclusively on T-Mobile.



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AT&T will let you unlock your phone under these circumstances.

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Free Fax • Free Internet Faxing

posted by Admin 6:16 PM
Sunday, August 3, 2014

What a site that I can actually send a fax for free without signing up for any service?  Yes, this site Fax Zero allowed me to send a fax easily and free with their service. I know Ringcentral, efax and some others have that ability but you must sign up for their services and then get 30 days free.
All I wanted to do is send a fax to cancel service on a product I have and it was faster using a fax instead of mail (USPS). I may send a fax once every six months and having the ability now to do so now without running into a Fedex or UPS store makes it very easy.

The service can’t receive faxes and you have a limit to how many you can do in one day, 5 in a day is plenty for most. I got a confirmation that the fax was sent and received by my email. I also can send the fax from my smartphone, tablet and computer from Fax Zero.

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T-Mobile Newsroom, 4 Lines 10GB Unlimited Talk, Text and more

posted by Admin 5:54 AM
Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Starting July 30 through September, a family of four can get up to10 GB of LTE data – 2.5 GB each – until 2016 on America’s fastest nationwide LTE network with all the Un-carrier benefits for just $100 a month on T-Mobile.
Offer ends 9/30/14. Pricing for 4 lines only 2.5 GB data per line/month until 1/2/16; then 1GB data per line.  Taxes & fees addit’l. Visit for offer and coverage details. After the promotion period the new plan will revert back to the old plan as below

T-Mobile current plan is $50 for one line with unlimited talk, text and 1GB of data. Add a second line with 1GB of data for $30 and each line after is only $10 each with a 1GB of data. The data is not shared each line has their allocated amount.

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Cell Phone Catches On Fire | Video – ABC News

posted by Admin 8:19 PM
Monday, July 28, 2014

A lot of cellphones boost their power levels when the coverage is low or blocked like under a pillow or in your pocket. Your phone connects to the wireless network frequently updating your email, location and more depending on all the applications you have on your device.
You may notice your phone getting hot at times when you talk at lengths, watching videos or streaming music so be careful and avoid the aftermarket batteries. Those aftermarket batteries may be cheaper but they are usually substandard and not recommended by the manufacturer.

This video below was a phone that caught on fire under a pillow with a aftermarket battery.

Extra $50 Trade-In Value with Qualifying Phone Trade-In and Samsung Galaxy Phone Purchase, Conditions Apply

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Will HTC make the next Nexus 6

posted by Admin 4:41 PM
Sunday, July 27, 2014

LG Electronics has been the company which has made the last two Google flagship handsets – the Nexus 4 and the Nexus 5. But as far as Nexus 6 is concerned, LG Electronics will not be making the Google flagship phone.

According to LG’s global communications director, Ken Hong, LG does not know the status of the next Nexus smartphone. There is little knowledge regarding the Android Silver program as well. Hong also said that LG has not been called on by Google to work on any Nexus device.

HTC is being speculated as the next maker of Nexus smartphones. Of course, as of now, neither HTC nor Google has made any official announcement of the same.

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iPhone 6 Sapphire Display: Everything You Need To Know

posted by Admin 8:00 PM
Friday, July 25, 2014

The iPhone 6 will be the most radical redesign in iPhone history. Central to that will be the move to larger 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch displays and central toconvincing us this is a good idea will be Apple ’s use of sapphire displays. But what is a sapphire display?  Why is it better than glass and will it cost the earth?
Save $100 on LG G3 Cell Phone with 2-Year Agreement, Only $99.99, Plus Free Shipping

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