Cellphone freebies you aren’t using

You probably pay a pretty penny for your cellphone plan. And when you’re spending dozens or hundreds of dollars a month, you want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

If you look deep into the cellphone contract you signed or read your company’s data plan extras, you’ll start finding free stuff you might not be taking advantage of. Keep reading to find out some of the goodies I’m talking about.

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Trade in your old iPhone or Android Smartphone now

New iPhones and Android phones are coming and your old phone will lose their value. According to CNN Resale values start dropping by about 10% in September and October and according to eBay (EBAY)data analyzed by NextWorth, a gadget trade-in site. That’s generally when Apple (AAPL, Tech30)releases new versions of the iPhone.
Trade-in your mobile phones and devices on Amazon.

If you wait until fall, supply of older iPhones will grow drastically and trade-in values will plummet.

T-Mobile international expansion with free roaming to Mexico and Canada

The roaming debate started in Europe and In mid-2017, Europeans will no longer be saddled with roaming charges when they make mobile phone calls anywhere within the European Union.

The European Commission announced on Tuesday the creation of a single telecommunications market across the continent, set to take effect June 15, 2017. The shift is part of a larger overhaul of Europe’s telecom regulations, which also will put into place strong Net neutrality rules designed to prevent Internet providers from blocking or slowing down traffic or charging content providers for faster access.

Now The Mobile Without Borders wireless initiative, as T-Mobile calls it, launches July 15, and automatically applies to U.S. customers signed into T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan. That plan starts at $50 per month and includes unlimited voice, text and up to 1GB of speedy 4G LTE data. You’ll pay an extra $10 a month for up to 3GB of LTE.

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