Pandora or YouTube which is better?

Pandora or YouTube which one is better? I would love to hear what your opion is in the comments. They are both offer free service with ADs but both can be upgraded to eliminate Ads. I had both Pandora and YouTube paid services but I only pay for Pandora now as a pay service. This may let you believe that Pandora is better for their pay service but read the rest of the story.

Pandora was my first application that I remember downloading and that was back in my Blackberry days. After that I always purchased my new phones dependent if Pandora would work on the device or not. If the device did not support Pandora it was a no go. There were very limited non-Pandora devices but I was still mindful of the Pandora requirement. I got off the free service and starting paying for Pandora a few years ago when I read the quality of the music was better don’t know if it was a marketing scheme but I loved Pandora and felt I owed them revenue.

I stopped Pandora’s pay service after a time I can’t remember why but it seemed afterwards there were more commercials. I started Pandora $4.99 service again about a year now to eliminate comercials. Youtube recently stopped themselves it was not my choice.

A month a 2 ago when I got a notification from YouTube that my payment was rejected and I needed to update it when I went from my phone to update it would not work. I tried multiple times and I use Paypal for all services. Youtube stopped getting revenue because it was to difficult for me to renew. I may take the time in future months because I like the paid service with no commercials and the screen can close and the audio still plays.

I will not rehash the Pros and Cons but I will tell you what I experienced today that dropped Pandora ratings big time behind Youtube was my wife was playing a song on her Pandora and I took her phone and shared the song to my device but when I tried to open the song I was notified I would have to up my subscription to the new $9.99 to get the song if not I will get the station instead.

I pay $4.99 now a month to Pandora but then I had the song sent by Youtube and I was able to open the link and hear the song on my device for free, not good Pandora. Pandora do not make mistakes like Blackberry and Motorola.

You are trying to compete but you just have music the $9.99 upgrade does not seem worthwhile when with YouTube I will get more for the same $9.99.

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