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Landline Texting

Many customers assume that your advertised number is text enabled. Don’t leave that potential interaction to chance.

Text enable your line with AT&T Landline Texting, which lets you send and receive texts using your existing business or toll-free number and improve your customers’ experience.

Starting at just $10.00 per month, use AT&T Landline Texting to:

Schedule appointments and send reminders
Answer service center inquiries
Handle dispatching and tracking updates
Send weather or conditions alerts
Create automated responses
And more
With AT&T Landline Texting, your texts are easily managed from your desktop or on the go with an app.

Basic flip phones are still in business.

The Verge announced the Verizon Flip phone LG Exalt LTE being the first LTE basic phone on Verizon. The comments I saw were about who still use flip phones and the funny thing is this month I have been working with companies that are using basic phones. 

A plumbing company will have a basic flip for voice communication and a tablet for mobile forms, data research, signatures, payments and more.

This flip phone should not be called basic it is a military grade, LTE, WiFi, push to talk, can be dropped in a toilet bowl, stepped on and still work device.