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  • Android Smartphones Given Remote Access to PCs April 16, 2014
    Google today announced the availability of Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android, a tool that allows Android devices to remotely access Windows and Mac computers. In order to gain remote PC access, users will need to download and install software on their PC as well as the Chrome Remote Desktop app on their Android device. Once configured, users should be ab […]
  • Google Pulls Camera App Out of Android April 16, 2014
    Google today released a separate version of the stock camera application that ships with many Android smartphones. The app, which can receive improvements outside of full OS updates, has a slightly revised user interface with larger buttons. Google Camera offers a handful of new features, such as Lens Blur mode, which adds depth-of-field effects to make subj […]
  • Aio Wireless Takes a Page from Sprint's 'Framily' Plans April 16, 2014
    Aio Wireless, which is owned and operated by AT&T, today announced new service plans that offer increasing discounts for adding lines to a single account. The Group Save plans are available today to accounts with two to five lines of service. According to Aio Wireless, a two-line account will pay full price for the first line and then receive a $10 disco […]
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Verizon revamps prepaid wireless offer with new AllSet plans

posted by Admin 6:40 AM
Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Verizon Wireless has simplified its prepaid pricing options and made the offer more flexible.
Instead of offering different tiers of service, Verizon now offers prepaid smartphone customers a single $45 a month plan that comes with unlimited voice minutes and text messaging plus 500MB of data. Customers who want more than 500MB of data can add it a la carte.
You can also now use 4G LTE smartphones on the new prepaid plans but they will only still work 3G.

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Best Phone Plans: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile Compared

posted by Admin 1:25 PM
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Smartphone wireless plans didn’t used to be so complicated. You handed over about $200 for the phone, tried to get by with the minimum amount of voice, text and data — most carriers charged about $70 per month — and paid a little extra if you  needed more.Now, carriers want you to figure out exactly how much data you’ll use, down to the gigabyte. Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile would also like you to stop paying up-front for a subsidized phone and instead pay the full price in monthly installments. In exchange, they’ll give you cheaper service, and may even let you upgrade to a new phone more often. But the discount you actually get depends on which carrier you’re on, how much data you’re using and how many people are on your family plan.

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Free Phones from Verizon Wireless! New 2yr activation req’d

Verizon Wireless Logo 120x60

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Foxfi has fixed their app

posted by Admin 1:52 PM
Friday, May 31, 2013

I currently use Foxfi and PDAnet hotspot application on my Droid Razr and my HTC DNA and it works great. I am grandfathered in with unlimited data so it allows me to use Netflix, YouTube and Pandora with my tablet with no problem. I currently user 30+ gigabytes a month on my smartphone.The app did not work with Jellybean but had a update which fixed the issue.

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Share Everything Plan Verizon Wireless

posted by Admin 10:39 AM
Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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What to expect?

The iPhone will have a bigger screen 4 inches.

A better camera with noise reduction and better low light functions. You will also be able to paste pictures together for a panoramic view.

New navigation that will give voice turn by turn directions. Apple is moving away from Google maps and hosting their own navigation.

4G LTE technology which will make web browsing, video and music streaming much faster. The iPhone won’t let you talk and surf the web like other 4G phones on Verizon Wireless.

Pricing is $199.99 for the 16GB, $299.99 for the 32GB and $399.99 for the 64GB.

Contact me to reserve a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE new iPhone. Reserve the new iPhone here!

The Apple iPhone press release from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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Verizon data widget must press for usage details

posted by Admin 4:43 AM
Sunday, August 5, 2012

I use the data widget on my Droid Bionic not because I need to monitor my data (I have unlimited data) but to understand what my clients would experience using the widget. What I notice is the widget does not update itself anymore, you must press the widget to get your correct usage details. This was not so until the recent updates. Before the update the widget would tell you your data usage just by looking at it but now you have to press the widget and the widget logs itself into your myverizon account and gives you your current usage including minutes, data, text and billing information.

So remember you must press the widget to get updated usage information and this will work on all plans including the new shared data plans.


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Verizon to Allow Third-Party Tethering Apps on Android Phones

posted by Admin 7:42 AM
Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I have been using an application called Foxfi from the Google Play store for my hotspot. It is a free application and does not require any technical background to use. The app is very simple to use and works great. I also pay for the Verizon hotspots feature so I could test the performance of both and it seems I get better service from the free application Foxfi. Read the ruling by the FCC

Verizon Wireless response.” We still offer Mobile Broadband Connect, and the fee applies to customers using unlimited data plans. If a usage-based customer wants to subscribe, or continue to subscribe, to Mobile Broadband Connect, they can do so. They get both a high-quality robust tethering app and additional data allowances. On the other hand, a usage-based customer that wishes to tether other devices but does not wish to subscribe to Mobile Broadband Connect can cancel the service, purchase or obtain a third-party tethering application, and simply pay for the additional data usage”.

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Verizon Wireless new shared data plans

posted by Admin 8:41 AM
Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Verizon Wireless is introducing the Share Everything Plan!

Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and a single pool of shareable data to power up to 10 devices. It’s the plan that revolves around you. Only from Verizon, with more 4G LTE coverage than all other networks combined!

8669_Verizon Wireless Share Everything Plan (Brand)
5 Key Benefits of the Share Everything Plan
1. Unlimited Minutes for all devices on a Share Everything account. No more worries about overage charges.
2. Unlimited Messages for all devices on a Share Everything account. Send as many text, picture and video messages as you want!
3. Shareable Data for all the devices on your accounts. Select how much you’ll need, and then share it with up to 10 devices.
4. Mobile Hotspot is included on all capable devices. Connect your device and share your data allowance with multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices.
5. Connect up to 10 devices. Choose which devices you’d like to connect and then share your data.

Also beginning 6/28, with the benefits presented by Share Everything, customers who upgrad
e their devices at with a new two year agreement will no longer be able to keep unlimited data. Customers will now have the flexibility to add up to 10 devices and share data.

Verizon Wireless new shared data plans

Example of new plan with 2 basic phones sharing unlimited talk, text and 300MB of data = $100 per month.
you can add up to 8 more basic phones for an additional $30 per month each. That’s 10 basic phones for $340 per month. (Families or business can benefit on the nations most reliable network)

Example of new plan with two Smart phones sharing unlimited talk, text and 4 GB of data = $150 per month

Accessories for Verizon Wireless Phones and Devices

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It serms Unlimited data users will have to give up an unlimited data plan only if they purchase a subsidized phone when renewing a two-year contract. In other words, if later this year you go into Verizon to upgrade to the latest iPhone and buy the phone for $200, you can kiss your unlimited data plan goodbye.

But if you shelled out the non-subsidized price for the device, about $650 for a 16GB iPhone 4S from Verizon, you keep your unlimited plan.

This is important for someone who has unlimited data on a 3G Smartphone now. If you wait to change to a 4G Smartphone after Verizon Wireless makes the change to shared data you will not be able to keep your Unlimited data plan for your 4G Smartphone. If you use more than 4 Gigabytes a month on your Smartphone then the unlimited data feature is important for you to keep. I personally use 22 Gigabytes a month because I watch a movie everyday on my Droid Bionic Smartphone but I have unlimited 4G data. A standard definition movie on Netflix uses 700 megabytes. I don’t have home internet I use my phone for everything. Read more

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Verizon Wireless new prepaid plans

posted by Admin 5:06 AM
Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Verizon Wireless today announced the availability of a new prepaid plan beginning May 1, offering unlimited talk and text messaging, as well as 1 GB of data for $80 per month. This monthly plan, available on the prepaid Samsung Illusion™, provides customers with an affordable, flexible option to take advantage of the nation’s largest, most reliable 3G network without the commitment of an annual contract. The Samsung Illusion prepaid package will also be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at for $169.99.


Additionally, starting May 1, customers can purchase a prepaid Verizon Jetpack™ 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 4510L and take advantage of new prepaid Mobile Broadband plans. With the prepaid Jetpack, customers can now create a personal Wi-Fi cloud capable of sharing the high-speed Internet connectivity of the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network with up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices simultaneously. Prepaid 4G LTE Mobile Broadband plans are as follows:

$15 for 250 MB of data weekly $60 for 3 GB of data monthly $90 for 10 GB of data monthly.
The Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi 4510L prepaid package will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at for $129.99.

From keeping in touch with friends to surfing the Web, Verizon Wireless gives customers the power and flexibility to stay connected, with no annual contract, to America’s largest and most reliable high-speed wireless network. For more information on prepaid plan offerings, visit

Verizon Wireless Prepay Plans

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