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AT&T , T-Mobile and Sprints’s new plans

New Plans for AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint were just introduced. AT&T’s new Mobile Share Advantage plan eliminates data overage charges for its mobile customers. The plans will be available from 21 August. Essentially, the company plans to throttle data speeds to 128 Kbps once caps are reached rather than charge for extra data.

Not to be left out of the limelight, T-Mobile bustled in with a new unlimited plan called T-Mobile One as part of its “12th Un-carrier move”.

In typical showbiz style, T-Mobile US CEO John Legere unveiled the move in a video blog, declaring: “The era of the data plan is over. After Un-carrier 12, the wireless industry will never be the same again.”T-Mobile One will offer unlimited talk, unlimited text and unlimited high-speed 4G LTE smartphone data from 6 September. The obvious downsides are just 128 Kbps speeds on tetheringand of course an FUP: customers using more than 26 GB a month “may see their data traffic prioritised behind other users.”

T-Mobile lso described it as a “radically simple subscription”, but see what you make of this:

“A family of four can get T-Mobile One for just $40 per line…The first line is $70 a month
the second is $50 a month, and additional lines are only $20 a month up to 8 lines withautopay. And it’s just $5 more a month per line without auto pay. All include unlimited talk and text and unlimited 4G LTE smartphone data while on our blazing-fast network.”

Sprint also launched its own unlimited plan, jostling for headlines with T-Mobile US. The Unlimited Freedom plan offers two lines of unlimited talk, text and data for $100 a month.
Marcelo Claure, Sprint president and CEO, said the company wants to provide “simple, worry-free and affordable wireless plans” to its customers.”There can be a lot of frustration and confusion around wireless offers, with too much focus on gigabytes and extra charges. Our answer is the simplicity of Unlimited Freedom,” he said.

Verizon Wireless new shared data plans

Verizon Wireless is introducing the Share Everything Plan!

Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text and a single pool of shareable data to power up to 10 devices. It’s the plan that revolves around you. Only from Verizon, with more 4G LTE coverage than all other networks combined!

8669_Verizon Wireless Share Everything Plan (Brand)
5 Key Benefits of the Share Everything Plan
1. Unlimited Minutes for all devices on a Share Everything account. No more worries about overage charges.
2. Unlimited Messages for all devices on a Share Everything account. Send as many text, picture and video messages as you want!
3. Shareable Data for all the devices on your accounts. Select how much you’ll need, and then share it with up to 10 devices.
4. Mobile Hotspot is included on all capable devices. Connect your device and share your data allowance with multiple Wi-Fi enabled devices.
5. Connect up to 10 devices. Choose which devices you’d like to connect and then share your data.

Also beginning 6/28, with the benefits presented by Share Everything, customers who upgrad
e their devices at with a new two year agreement will no longer be able to keep unlimited data. Customers will now have the flexibility to add up to 10 devices and share data.

Verizon Wireless new shared data plans

Example of new plan with 2 basic phones sharing unlimited talk, text and 300MB of data = $100 per month.
you can add up to 8 more basic phones for an additional $30 per month each. That’s 10 basic phones for $340 per month. (Families or business can benefit on the nations most reliable network)

Example of new plan with two Smart phones sharing unlimited talk, text and 4 GB of data = $150 per month

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