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  • A4WP and PMA Agree to Fully Merge June 1, 2015
    The Alliance for Wireless Power and the Power Matters Alliance today agreed to merge operations. In February 2014, these same two organizations agreed to work together to create a single wireless charging standard. That means a core charging standard supporting a wide range of consumer, medical, military, and industrial applications has already been establis
  • AT&T's Newest Next Plan Asks for 30% Downpayment June 1, 2015
    AT&T recently launched a new AT&T Next equipment installment plan that requires a 30% downpayment on the device at the time of purchase. After the downpayment, subscribers to this plan can finance the remainder of the device over 28 months; however, they will be eligible to upgrade after making just 12 payments. "We are introducing AT&T Next
  • Chase Adds Fingerprint Support to iPhone App June 1, 2015
    Chase today added support for Touch ID to its mobile banking application for the iPhone. Owners of the iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus can now use their fingerprint rather than a password to unlock the application. The JP Morgan app is also Touch ID enabled. Chase said it will add fingerprint support to its Android application later this year.


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