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Google Maps for Android gets Wi-Fi-only mode and SD card download option

Google today launched two new features for Google Maps for Android: a Wi-Fi Only mode, and the option to store offline map data on removable memory cards. Together, the two features are especially useful for those traveling overseas, where data roaming is expensive. The Wi-Fi Only mode allows users to stay connected to data networks for functions like email, while avoiding data charges for mapping, relying instead only on offline map data previously downloaded, and on Wi-Fi service when available. Users can also download extensive map data before their trip — or over Wi-Fi while traveling — and store it on a removable memory card for navigation without using mobile data while roaming. The features are also useful for non-traveling users with limited data plans or spotty service locally. The company did not announce whether the Wi-Fi Only mode will come to Google Maps for iOS.

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Google Project SkyBender Wants To Deliver High-Speed Internet 40 Times Faster Than 4G Via Solar-Powered Drones : FUTURE TECH : Tech Times

Google has been testing fifth-generation wireless technology in its unmanned and optionally piloted aircraft at a spaceport in New Mexico as part of a project called SkyBender, according to a Friday report from the Guardian.

It’s all part of a sister project to Project Loon, a venture in which Google has been developing balloons to beam wireless Internet down to offline areas of the globe.

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Google Drone crashed