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Unlimited users are limited to 100GB on Verizon Wireless old unlimited plans

Back in January this year Verizon said that they would target customers that used more than 200GB in one month and make them change their plan because their usage damaged the quality of their network. This amount of data is considered excessive by Verizon for a mobile phone user.
I was told this week that has changed to 100GB and this is the new level Verizon will be targeting!

Have you been targeted for high data use by Verizon Wireless?

Can Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint network claims be believed?

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In an attempt to gain an advantage over rivals, domestic wireless carriers have turned more aggressively to claims of superior network performance based on various testing methodologies performed by a growing number of companies. These results can be seen in just about any commercial or advertisement, with every carrier claiming their network has some sort of coverage or performance advantage.

Whether its Verizon WirelessT-Mobile US,Sprint or AT&T Mobility, it’s not hard to find at least one “independent” network performance test claiming an advantage.

Verizon Wireless Updates Plans

Beginning July 7, Verizon Wireless’ current data buckets will have their sizes and prices altered to reflect what the carrier said is the new reality of consumers using more data. According to the carrier, average customer data usage has spiked from about 1 GB per month in April 2013, to 2.7 GB per month this past April.

As such, data buckets will indeed swell to previously reported sizes and costs, with the carrier’s “small” data bucket set to double to 2 GB for an extra $5 per month; the “medium” plan will grow from 3 GB to 4 GB and from $45 to $50; the “large” plan increases from 6 GB to 8 GB and in price from $60 to $70; the “extra large” plan from 12 GB to 16 GB and a $10 price increase to $90; and the “extra, extra large” plan from 18 GB to 24 GB with a price surge from $100 to $110.

The data buckets will continue to have a separate per-device charge for lines accessing the shared data, which is currently at $20 for smartphones, $10 for tablets or mobile hot spots and $5 for “connected devices.”

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