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Unlimited users are limited to 100GB on Verizon Wireless old unlimited plans

Back in January this year Verizon said that they would target customers that used more than 200GB in one month and make them change their plan because their usage damaged the quality of their network. This amount of data is considered excessive by Verizon for a mobile phone user.
I was told this week that has changed to 100GB and this is the new level Verizon will be targeting!

Have you been targeted for high data use by Verizon Wireless?

Google Project SkyBender Wants To Deliver High-Speed Internet 40 Times Faster Than 4G Via Solar-Powered Drones : FUTURE TECH : Tech Times

Google has been testing fifth-generation wireless technology in its unmanned and optionally piloted aircraft at a spaceport in New Mexico as part of a project called SkyBender, according to a Friday report from the Guardian.

It’s all part of a sister project to¬†Project Loon, a venture in which Google has been developing balloons to beam wireless Internet down to offline areas of the globe.

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