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The new LG G5

The G5 represents a massive shift in strategy for LG’s flagship smartphone. After the G2’s success, the South Korean company merely iterated with the G3 and the G4. The G5, meanwhile, is the successor to the G4 in name only.
Not only does the G5 finally switch to a metal body, but LG has chosen to go with a modular design, which it says allows you to transform your G5 into a “digital camera, hi-fi player, and more.” As we revealed earlier this week, the phone features an expansion slot you can use to swap in batteries and other modules.

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Fly Labs joins Google Photos team to supercharge video editing on Android

Currently, Google Photos has some very basic trim functionality for video, but nothing as robust as the apps Fly Labs created for the iPhone and iPad (see above video). Speaking of iOS, Fly Labs’ apps are now completely free with no in-app purchases. The apps will remain on the App Store for another 3 months and although no future app updates will be given, apps downloaded to your device will remain there. So, if you have an iPad laying around, or know someone who is using an iOS device, tell them to get on it.

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My trip last week to Tobago in the West Indies presented by Google Photos.
I have a video in the Photos link I took of a steel band practicing in Scarborough and would of loved to use the soundtrack as the background music to a video I just did in the Magisto application. Hopefully this new update with Google photos will allow me to do this.

Trade in your old iPhone or Android Smartphone now

New iPhones and Android phones are coming and your old phone will lose their value. According to CNN Resale values start dropping by about 10% in September and October and according to eBay (EBAY)data analyzed by NextWorth, a gadget trade-in site. That’s generally when Apple (AAPL, Tech30)releases new versions of the iPhone.
Trade-in your mobile phones and devices on Amazon.

If you wait until fall, supply of older iPhones will grow drastically and trade-in values will plummet.