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Trade in your old iPhone or Android Smartphone now

New iPhones and Android phones are coming and your old phone will lose their value. According to CNN Resale values start dropping by about 10% in September and October and according to eBay (EBAY)data analyzed by NextWorth, a gadget trade-in site. That’s generally when Apple (AAPL, Tech30)releases new versions of the iPhone.
Trade-in your mobile phones and devices on Amazon.

If you wait until fall, supply of older iPhones will grow drastically and trade-in values will plummet.

FCC Chief Urges Mobile Industry to Install Anti-Theft Protections on Devices by Default

FCC chairman Tom Wheeler is calling on the mobile industry to set theft prevention features — such as remote-locking, remote-data-wiping and the ability to call 911 on locked phones — to default on all devices.
California passed a law requiring phone manufacturers to install a kill switch in smartphones making the phone a useless brick thus preventing theft.
Apple has this option built into the newer iPhone models and this feature has lowered theft rates of the iPhone.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Still Owns the Reputation of Being the Most Successful Android Phone of All Time! | Master Herald

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is actually the most successful Android phone of all time and despite the coming of subsequent flagship smartphones from various smartphone makers in the following years, it continues to hold its own in terms of features and specifications, not to mention durability.

My main device is a Samsung S3 because the low replacement cost, I do not need insurance or a case. The picture quality  from the 8GB camera is the one thing pushing me to update.

Samsung S3 photo
Samsung S3 photo of me holding a fish I caught in the from the lake.

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